About us

We started our journey in 2018 when we realized that we lack comfortable yet fashionable active wear on the market. So we thought - why not combine both and make something new?
By combining high quality fabrics and sassy designs our team created a new brand of swedish sportswear - FXTNESS. Our clothes are made from a perfect blend of polyester & spandex, making them comfortable and squat proof!
As our society leans towards a more sedentary lifestyle where we spend most of our days sitting down, we at FXTNESS strive to inspire people to be active and live a healthy life. Movement is important for our wellbeing and we hope to inspire more people to do their favorite activities while wearing our designs. 
The X in our name represents the unknown, it stands for whatever YOU want to become. We humans are all different, beautiful and strong and we at FXTNESS want to embrace that by not putting labels on each other.

Hello You!

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